Scalable Malaysia’s 1st Real Estate Agents’ Conference 2020

The  event was held at Co-labs Coworking The Starling, who is Scalable Malaysia’s facilities management and operations partner. The conference kicked off with a presentation from Co-labs Coworking Community Manager, Emelia Tan. She spoke on the  importance of community building in the workspace and its correlation with employee productivity, wellness and happiness. She further explained how community building is part of Scalable Malaysia’s service as an office solutions provider.

Following Emelia is James Wong, Business Development Manager at Co-labs Coworking. He presented a brief summary on Co-labs Coworking and how agents can play a pivotal role in collaborating to achieve a win-win situation by introducing an attractive commission scheme for agent’s that introduce successful conversions to the business. 

Closing the conference, Christopher Song, Business Development Manager at Scalable Malaysia presented an introduction to the brand, overview of it’s 4 key pillars of its value proposition to clients, namely the  Consult, Design, Build & Manage  processes in terms of office redesign, renewal, renovation and relocation. 

He also introduced the Agents’ Collaboration Scheme, which rewards successful commercial property agents that make successful referrals in any stage of Scalable Malaysia’s value propositions stages, especially in terms of the consult and manage stages. In the consult stage, agent’s may refer potential clients who wish to seek the brand’s services in terms of office location sourcing, renovation and redesign where commercial property agents and the team at Scalable Malaysia collaborate to find the best workspace solutions for the client. In the manage and operate stage, agents may introduce clients who seek office management solutions and want to remove the daily hassle of overseeing the day to day operations and community building of their offices. He also shared on potential real estate agent earnings by sharing simulations of monetary commissions of long term  successful referrals at every stage of the value proposition chain.  

Furthermore, he shared that the strategic partnership between Scalable Malaysia and Co-labs Coworking and Paramount Property allows the brand  to deliver workspace office solutions with over 50 years of industry experience in property development and managing office spaces of more than 100,000 sqft. The current team consists of experienced Interior Designers, Architects, M&E Consultants, Project Managers, Community Builders & Operations Managers to bring the best office experience possible. The session ended with a Q&A, followed by food and drinks. 

Are you a licensed real estate professional that is well-versed in the Malaysian commercial property sector? Join us for our next Agents Conference or get in touch with us to be part of our Agents Collaborations Scheme.

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