Your Post-CMCO Office Space Solutions

With the commencement of Malaysia's second Conditional Movement Control Order, it has affected the way offices are run. Large corporations are downsizing to smaller premises, permanent desk spaces are out of the norm as they are recommended to practice split team operations or opting to work from home. Some have sadly had to retrench their teams forcing corporations to move out of their current office space to opt for smaller spaces. 

Concerns of hygiene continue to distress employers as keeping employees safe during the COVID-19 pandemic remains at their highest priority. Investing in new auto temperature scanners and making sure the office space is health and safety compliant becomes vital to curb the spread of the virus. 

Offices start implementing health measures to ensure the safety of their employees

When it comes to office space, there’s no one size fits all. The options are endless. Let our team of architects and consultants design a safe office that represents your brand with privacy, security and control in mind. You can even let your imagination run wild with layout and design. Need additional meeting rooms, nap pods, breakout areas? We got you covered. Whatever your office space requirements are, Scalable Malaysia will be able to custom make the workspace you need. We will ensure your new office is a safe space for your entire team with auto temperature scanners and health & safety measures in place. Social distancing can also be observed with items such as modular safety dividers installed so your employees are at ease while they work.

Here at Scalable Malaysia, our expertise is to create the office space you need with the right fit out to suit your workspace needs, especially during the pandemic. Whether your office needs to practice split team scenarios, adhere to social distancing or a smaller office space, our team of experts will execute it for you. 

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