Maximising The Minimalist In You

All too often the word “minimalism” gets tossed around in interior design circles. Many have come to embrace its simple and elegant design aesthetic where it has found its way into modern living spaces and beyond. Minimalism is after all a design movement, a concept if you will that espouses design choices which favours neutral colour palettes, subtle design choices, clean lines and more. With that, here are some easy steps to create a minimalist space to inspire and enable your best work. 

Pick Simple Colour Schemes

For the most part, many have come to associate minimalism with neutral colour schemes where emphasis on white, beige, cream and an assortment of other colours tend to be the predominant colour palette. However, adding that personal touch to your design with colour accents such as turquoise, lilac, rose gold or others can certainly breathe life to your minimalist space.

Quality Over Quantity

Central to the tenets of minimalism is the idea of avoiding excess or reducing waste. Which is where emphasis on sourcing high quality premium items such as furnishings, furniture, appliances and so on can help with minimising excessive purchases. This goes without saying, that if there are a few pieces of furniture or decoration within a space, it makes sense for them all to be elegantly designed – both in form and function. Furthermore, premium quality pieces will for-the most part last you longer – perhaps even a lifetime – further maximising the minimalist in you by reducing waste and excess spending.

Open Spaces

Aside from just having an aesthetically pleasing layout, a minimalist approach is also about having open spaces that incorporates clean layouts that emphasises ergonomics. Having clean lines in your space whether it’s in the office, living space or beyond can certainly go a long way in boosting productivity or efficiency. Therefore, having a layout that’s clean and open may see improvements in comfort, style and ergonomics in the long term.

Let our team of professionals help you realise your minimalist design. For more information on how we can help bring out the minimalist design to your space, consult us today for a free quote.

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