Introducing Scalable Malaysia, your one-stop workspace solutions provider

Scalable Malaysia, enables small-medium enterprises and large corporations to enable a complete design, build, & manage workspace ecosystem solution to fulfill their vision of a fully customised office workspace. We intend to create the future of work with unlimited possibilities for all our clients delivering the best results from our experienced office consultants. 

In collaboration with Co-labs Coworking and Paramount Property, we deliver over 50 years of industry experience in property development and managing office spaces of more than 100,000 sqft. 

Our Approach

1. Consult

Our office consultants provide a needs analysis to understand what best suits your office needs.

2. Design

Utilize our experience in Infrastructure, interior design & fit-out work for your dream office.

3. Build

Take your vision from design to Construction & Project Management. 

4. Manage

Our team will handle everything from front-desk services to utilities & security to mail collection.

Why Scalable Malaysia?

1. Real Estate Partner

We source for the best address in town to suit your organizations needs.

2. Flexible Financing Options

Customizable lease and credits terms available.

3. Established Business Ecosystem 

Passport access to Co-labs Coworking spaces, events, business partners and more.

4. Office Management 

Beyond managing your office space, we build a strong community within your teams

5. A Curated Work Lifestyle

We bring out the best in your workforce by creating a holistic office experience for everyone

6. Business Resilience

Readily available space & remote workforce contingency solutions available.

Build the perfect office space for your team that drives productivity with Scalable Malaysia. As part of our launch initiative, we currently offer a free consultation and quote to all interested parties. Speak to our consultants today to customise a workspace solutions plan for your office. Call us at 03-8408 1688 or email:

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