Home elements in the workspace

A design trend becoming increasingly popular this past year is home elements becoming essential to a workspace. Why? These home elements contribute to a person’s overall comfort, productivity, and wellbeing. Keep in mind that the more ‘at home’ you feel, the more inspired you will be. Incorporating these elements need not be a daunting task, just read on to find out how.

Pick The Right Furniture

No one would recommend sitting on a sofa, stool or lounge for an entire workday, yet the relaxed postures these types of seating allow can provide a welcomed change of pace. Employees who have become accustomed to using a comfortable chair or sofa at home can have the same options back at the office. Besides the soft comfy furnishing, choosing a round table over a square one for instance can allow better communication across the room and also foster healthy interaction among employees. Much like round dining tables that benefit family time at home.

Ambient Lighting

The type of lighting you pick can determine the ambience of your workspace. Consider the choice of colour temperature of your light. A relaxing and down-to-earth vibe can be created with warm lighting along with a splash of thematic elements to pull off the right look. For example, the lights we incorporated in this space immediately gives off a “birds flocking in unison” vibe portraying the idea of teamwork for the employees!

Breakout Areas

A breakout area is a space where people can freely mingle, socialise and ideate. Commonly seen in start ups or creative workspaces, the breakout area has become a norm in recent years with companies praising the benefits that it brings such as encouraging a relaxing environment, developing closer collaboration and enhancing people’s wellbeing. With a breakout area, employees can mingle and let loose which certainly breaks the monotony of work and makes it feel more like home.


Nothing says home kitchen like a well stocked pantry with cabinets filled with dry goods, snacks and pastries along with a multitude of kitchen appliances like a coffee machine, water dispenser and microwave to recreate that home kitchen vibe. A common sight in workspaces, the pantry can be so much more than just a place to store food. Adding a long table, a pantry can be a place for multiple employees to bond with each other over a heartwarming meal.

All in all, there are many elements that go into crafting a workspace that feels like home. From selecting the right furniture down to the choice of lighting. With so many aspects to consider, come speak to our team of experts who will walk you through from A to Z about how to make your workspace a home away from home when you email us at hello@scalable.com.my

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