Designing an Impactful Community Space

It has never been more important for companies to help employees make strong connections at work, all with just a human-centric touch. With so much attention being given to making spaces feel more liveable in this era, it’s vital that these community spaces are given the right treatment to ensure it has that human touch. Explore how it’s possible to design an impactful community space by reading on.


When it comes to a community space such as a nap pod, it’s more than just a place to take a nap, rather it can be a place to recharge, recuperate and recover. Having a nap pod by simply having a bunk bed alone would not suffice. To leave that human touch, try incorporating practical features such as charging ports, night lights or humidifiers. These little features will allow users to appreciate a nap pod even more as it offers more than just a basic space for taking a nap.


A well-thought-out breakout area can breathe excitement into workspace with its lively environment. With a space like this, it’s a good idea to inject fun and creativity to make employees feel excited about work. A cool way to do this is to incorporate interactive elements such as a giant Scrabble board for example. Not only does this create an interesting conversational piece but it also allows people to have an entertaining time with one another thus creating a great community bonding space that enhances team cohesion in the process.


People most often associate eating with socialising. In a pantry space, it’s no different! Bringing a socially vibrant touch, with a multipurpose role can switch this space up for social gatherings during luncheons or other meal gatherings. Simply add a large table that can reasonably accommodate an entire team or have a multipurpose appliance like an espresso machine for people to socialise over a cuppa.


A simple space can give off a lasting impression with just the right ambience. Take the nursing room for example, instead of having a look that’s too clinical like something reminiscent of a hospital. Try incorporating features such as warm lights, comfy furniture or natural colours to exude a calming atmosphere for that added cosy element.

In summary, there are various aspects that go into designing an impactful community space. Whether it is adopting practical features or creating the right ambience. Come speak to our team of experts who will walk you through from A to Z about how to design impactful community spaces. For more information on all this, drop us a message by emailing us at

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