Awesome Office Spaces to Inspire Your Next Office Renovation Project

Well-designed workspaces not only look good to the eye but also can increase employee productivity and boost their morale, while keeping them happy and inspired throughout their workday. Creating a vibrant workplace can drive energy and creativity while a great floor seating plan can help foster effective teamwork. A great office environment can help businesses attract the right talent they are looking for. Here are some awesome workspaces from around the world that we’ve put together for you to get inspired on your next office design-and-build project. 


Being a tech company, Google attracts their dynamic talent pool with their trendy, vibrant, and out of this world office spaces. Additionally, tech companies like Google are famous for their employee perks that include areas for their staff to workout, breakout, or have a discussion. 

Google employees get together for a team discussion onboard a cable-car and hot air balloon-inspired furniture
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Movie nights or team townhalls are more fun for Google staff with an ensemble of quirky furniture put together
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Hatch some ground-breaking ideas perched in a nature inspired meeting pod. Image credits:

The tech company encourages employees to unleash their inner creative music genius and have a live band jamming session with fellow colleagues. The eccentric carpet patchwork indicates the company’s take on a vibrant, young workforce that promotes ideation and creativity.  Image credits:


Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Dropbox opened its first Australian office in Martin Place, Sydney in 2014. The company commissioned Gensler, a renowned design and architecture firm that is also known for completing office fit-outs for Facebook, Airbnb, and Etsy. 

For the Sydney office, elements that focused on recreating a typical Australian residential home were adopted - to make employees feel at ease, as if they were working from their home environment. 

Dropbox's Sydney office focuses on open spaces. Image Credits: Katherine Lu

Dropbox Sydney's office foyer leads to the living room, a big break-out area furnished with long sofas in front of wall-mounted big screens. This is the 'showpiece' of the office, a place where employees would all gravitate to throughout the day, for one-on-one chats, presentations, all-hands meetings, or after-work events.

Next to the living area is the bar and kitchen area, where employees have breakfast, lunch, and dinner catered for them every day, as an extra chance to be able to check-in with each other. There are also a variety of meeting rooms and booths dotted around the office, one of which is next to a walk-in garden.

One of Dropbox's meeting rooms is situated next to a walk-in garden. Image Credits: Katherine Lu

Greenery is in abundance around the whole office for health and psychological benefits but also in keeping with the feel of a home, Owens said. The windows are also vast and span entire walls, reducing the need for artificial light. The office also has multiple 'Dropstops' - IT help desks dotted around the office where employees can flag issues and connect with the A/V technology.

Dropbox's "courtyard” Image Credits: Katherine Lu Source: ZDNet

The benefit of Dropbox as a product is how it enables remote working for employees all around the world. For Dropbox as a company, was such an accommodating design part of an attempt to bring their own employees back to the office?

Quirky meeting and discussion room names that will spark a great conversation. Image credits:


Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, pet supply company Bark proclaims that its headquarters is "the world's most dog-friendly office”! Approximately 50 canine guests roam their office workspace daily and desks are placed next to lounge seats made from wipeable fabric where pooches and humans are able to sit alongside each other. The office floors are made of sealed concrete, rubber, and woven vinyl. So, accidents can be easily cleaned!

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Cozy cubicle pods that house both staff and resident canines allow employees to reap the im-paw-ssible. Image Credits: BARK

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Sitting down and working side-by-side with a favourite pooch can enhance productivity. Image credits: BARK


Reflecting the company’s concept of a predominantly social network, the workspace interior design of the office merges spaces together to encourage positive interaction and connection. The tech startup also places a high emphasis on employee openness and transparency. This transcends in their office spaces which focus on fluid, open spaces that promote design thinking and ideation. 

A graffiti wall adds vibrancy to any open space to get the creative juices flowing. Image credits:

Outdoor eating areas are built in a circular shape to foster teamwork and togetherness.
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Slack is a proprietary business communication platform that enhances smooth work flows through a centralised platform where teams can connect and share community information to come together to get things done. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, it looks like an office version of planet Earth. Each floor is modeled after a different region of the Pacific Crest Trail, which extends from Southern California to the Pacific Northwest and includes deserts, forests, and mountain summits.

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The lobby level is a base camp of sorts, where employees can huddle up or meditate in tent-like structures before starting their ascent. Image credit: SLACK

null inline image
Glass panels change colors when viewed from different angles, much like light hitting cracks in a glacier
Image Credit: SLACK

The design studio behind this office drew inspiration from Slack’s CEO, who is an avid outdoorsman and loves going on annual hikes off-the-grid. He envisioned the workspace where employees are encouraged to step away from their desks and explore the space as if it were the wilderness.


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